• Standard fantasy tropes and conventions with elves, dwarves, half-orcs, halflings, catfolk, wizards, psychics, witches, barbarians, clerics, etc.
  • Extended fantasy tropes such as irisi (plant folk), genomancy, hakia (the half-dead), regoli (astrologers or more precisely astroregologers), and magitech.
  • Modified fantasy tropes such as daemon paladins, shadow knights, and chaos monks.

Daemon Gods

All the divine gods were destroyed in a series of great wars in a time long before the current reign of legions. Most of the gods were killed by their own kind and their ancestors.
Daemon heroes rose up in defiance of all the suffering that the remaining gods brought upon the mortal realms and the lower dimensions. Lending their strength to these heroes were the daemon spirits. An overwhelming number of daemon rulers could not let pass another opportunity to end the endless wars waged by the reigning gods. So, daemon heroes took the war to the gods in order to take out their greatest oppressors. Although many great daemon heroes died in the final battle, the ones left behind assumed their roles among the stars.
Daemon gods reshaped the land and the sea. Their kind and kin are in a constant struggle for dominance between the better daemons and the worst of their daemon houses. Clerics of these daemon gods still get their powers through prayer and meditation or through sacrifice and casting of lots, but the taint of daemon washes through them causing them to periodically become vulnerable to possession by lesser daemons.

The daemon gods seek out the divine to destroy it in order to keep the gods from rising once again to power. Entire pantheons of daemon gods litter the heavens with their daemon ways, filling the roles of what used to be the sole domain of the gods.
The daemons gods have kept the story, a history, that places them at the pinnacle position of the past gods. It is commonly accepted that daemons do not rule out of a sense of duty, compassion, or desire for the betterment of mortals, but rather it is power, prosperity, and a sense of entitlement that dominates their every movement. Clerics are the wiser and most connected to the daemon gods, but there are pockets of resistance, of places beyond the reach of the daemon gods, places daemons do not know exist, containing lost information within tomes, secrets the daemons devour mortals for even contemplating. The fact is that the daemon gods saved the worlds from total destruction and from the constantly warring gods. By comparison, the petty squabbles of the daemon gods are a healthy mix of rivalry that has strengthened everyone.

Our Story Begins

Our story begins in the city of Alphamar, which lies at the southern base of a volcano on Xobeek Island, the largest island in the kingdom of Frete. Xobeek was named after the volcano daemon god that dwells within its bowels. Legend says the daemon sacrificed herself in order to provide rich nutrients for the plants to grow, providing plentiful food for the peoples of the island, resulting in an undying loyalty of mortals assuring power to the daemon god Xobeek. The sacrificial ceremony of Xobeena, an irregular celebration that occurs when the stars properly align, is the final ritual of a week long festival celebration, ending in a mortal being given to the volcano (Xobeek) for marriage.

Any Assassin’s Guild will tell you that assassinations are illegal

Murder of any sentient race is illegal in the kingdom of Frete. However, killings as a result of a duel can be complicated, but for the most part duels to the death are legal. Accidental killings are even more complicated and can be considered legal under some circumstances. Contract killing and assassination are both illegal, but once again, this is complicated. Death is complicated because death does not have to be permanent. This makes the death business, which is heavily taxed, a very lucrative business.

World Magics

Magic comes from many sources, but there are four (4) core magic forces and all of them dangerous. Pact magic, the most vulgar and abusive magic, comes through daemon spirits of any strength and are usually obtained by making a pact with a daemon. Craft magic, the most tedious and unrequited magic, comes by painstaking rituals, often without results, and more often invisible to even the caster. Sorcery magic, the most popular and easiest to master, comes from channeling the Oracle Pools found throughout the kingdom of Frete. Divine magic, the most exclusive and most spectacular, comes about by prayer and sacrifice to the daemon gods.

Characters (ie., Hardcore Sorcerer)

Reign of Legions