Reign of Legions

Let's stop the party
or how to make a grown man cry

A group of friends (wizard, sorcerer, ranger, and illuminator) get it into their heads that the popular ending of the festivities and eventual marriage of a mortal to the Daemon God Xobeek must be stopped, because marriage to a volcano must surely involve the utter destruction of a mortal life, which is bad. Apparently, they’d been toying with this idea for a very long time and thought it good to disrupt the wedding celebration during its grand finale by stealing the utterly blissful groom away with persuasive tales of horror and corruption within the priesthood.

After discussing the matter with a contact within the Xobeek priesthood and using these details to finalize the plan, the party paid for astrological services to cover their tracks for the next couple hours.

Well, they found the groom, and at the right moment freed/tore him from his destiny, utterly destroying his self-esteem. While most of the party attempted to leave the city with the ex-groom but seemed to be have a tough time not being noticed due to the crying out loud, distraught, balling rivers of tears ex-groom, the sorcerer went back to the astrologer for an assassination assignment that would pay 9000 gold by killing a dragon lord and keeping his body hidden for a couple days. The other party members were ok with this, because somehow an assassination for money would be on higher ground than marriage to a volcano, which would have kept the land fertile until the next Xobeek wedding.


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