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Fantasy setting and using Strands of Fate

Strands of Fate approaches role-playing the usual way with players controlling the actions of their characters and responding to the environment from their character’s point of view. However, from Strands of Fate flows a slight shift in this paradigm of control. Players have some control over the environment. In effect, Players play characters and can play the environment too. This control extends to little tweaks that can have an enormous effect on the outcome of character actions.

Control your fate

Players control their character’s fate. This comes about in a few ways.

  • When taking damage: the controlling player determines the consequence of damage their character has taken. A player has the choice of giving their character a consequence like fatigued, busted nose, broken leg, hair fried, knocked out, shaken up pretty bad, etc.
  • Called shots are anathema to “controlling your own fate”. So, the attacker must spend a Fate Point and make the shot by 3 to make it happen. Still, the target may spend a Fate Point to cancel the attacker’s attempt at a called shot.
  • Adding new information: A player can create a fact about the setting, environment, or situation by spending a Fate Point.
    • A 7th son might have one of his brothers living in this city and act as a guide or useful contact.
    • A ranger would be able to tell that the river is only a hundred yards in that direction.
    • The pit is precisely 2 foot shorter across than the monk’s quarterstaff, which is useful to attack and defend against someone with a short sword.

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