The half-dead

Hakia (the half-dead): Vampires and Zombies.

The half-dead are descendants of long-ago mixed bloodlines of mortals and the undead. Half-dead include vampires and zombies.


Vampires are living breathing preternatural beings that blur the line between the supernatural undead and mortals. They walk in sunlight without harm, have all five senses so finely tuned they can hear grass grow, have the strength of a horse, drink mortal blood, heartbeats at a rate of once per hour, breath once or twice a day. Vampire children mature at alarming rate from child to adult in the span of a year. They’re deathly pale, have intoxicating voices, have flawless features, often appear to be statues or life-size dolls. Vampires emit pheromones that actively seek out prey, changing chemically in response to signals given by their prey. This extends to using pheromones to communicate with other vampires, marking territory, warning, invitations, etc. Vampires have to be careful with the enhanced senses. Intense lights, loud sounds, strong smells, and other such sensory irritations can be debilitating to vampire if they are caught off guard. Vampires are not capable of using magic, psionics, or even command magical artifacts.


Zombies are the living descendants, paranormal half-breeds, of the final cure for their undead ancestors. Their dietary requirement of living flesh (or at a minimum fresh kill) is the same as their ancestors, but their urge to mindlessly feed is now gone and only as potent as any mortal’s hunger. Zombies age nearly twice as fast as humans and generally live to the age of 30. They do not require sleep, have a high intelligence, are prone to bouts of depression when left alone. They are family types with hearts of gold, but they have no beating hearts like other living being. Their thick icor blood constantly flows throughout their bodies steadily as if their blood had a mind of its own. Therein lies their secret revealed centuries ago; it is the icor that is their mind and spirit. Zombies have to be very careful when getting cut, because a bleeding wound can quickly spill their entire blood supply. A bleeding zombie is a stupid zombie, as their loss of blood loses their mental faculties. Zombies are known for their study in all branches of medicine, but they specialize in mending wounds and preventing blood loss. They lack all but the most basic of magical aptitude in necromancy, which they must struggle to learn, save for a few rare individuals that have succeeded in learning sorcery and craft. Their scent is floral and earthy, making their homes radiate pleasing aromas. Zombie skin comes in all shades of grey.

The half-dead

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